Audition Tips from The Voice Casting Team!

  • 1. Be Yourself.
  • 2. Pick songs that suit your style (genre). Show us who you want to be as an Artist!
  • 3. Be original! If you think a song has been overdone, chances are, it has been! Show us originality and pick something not as common, but still relevant.
  • 4. What we mean by relevant- Pick well known songs. These can be anything that fit your style and genre.
  • 5. Sometimes nerves get the best of us. Pick songs that you know you can sing well and carry out under pressure!
  • 6. Dress to impress! Wear what you would wear if you were to land a “Blind Audition.”
  • 7. Remember to have fun! Show us your personality and energy!
  • 8. You’re unique in your own way. Don’t overthink your audition. Don’t compare yourself to others.

How To Audition

Check out this step-by-step guide to make sure you're prepared for your upcoming audition. Click here for all the details including audition tips and eligibility requirements.

Create an Artist Account

You need to create an Artist Account to attend the Open Call Auditions. Click here to create a new Artist Account or login if you already have one. Forgot your password? You can reset that here too.